How To Start In The Swinging Lifestyle NOW

How To Start In The Swinging Lifestyle NOW

Here are my top tips on how to start swinging right NOW!

If you have reservations about meeting people in crowded places and mixing with other people due to Covid 19, but still want to experience the swinger lifestyle, you can, all you need to do is understand how! Here are my top tips! 

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  • Discover as much as you can about what type of swinging you want to experience
  • Talk to your partner (if you have one) and draw up some rules- read my articles to discover how to talk to them about swinging! 
  • Join a swinger dating site and make a profile
  • Connect with other swingers via WhatsApp and Kik messenger
  • Join a virtual swinging party and join in the action! 

How To Start In The Swinging LifeStyle NOW. 

You may be wondering how you can start in the swinging lifestyle, and mix freely with people after the global pandemic has caused so many of us to change our way of life. Understandably, many people have reservations about mixing with others, and being in crowded places.

But in this article I'm going to teach you why starting swinging and exploring the lifestyle is something that can be done regardless of what is going on outside, as there is so much to learn before you get your kit off! From the sheer number of questions I receive and emails I am sent, people's desire to want to start swinging has certainly not been dampened by the virus. 

How To Start In The Swinging Lifestyle NOW

Yes, circumstances have changed and regardless of where you live you will be facing lockdown restrictions, but that doesn't mean you have to put all swinger lifestyle activities on hold; it simply means you have to get creative with how you do it. 

Beginning Swinging Now

Having a vanilla date allows you to all discuss your rules, boundaries and desires. Over a video call, you will be able to see whether your potential swing partners are genuine or not.

There's never the 'perfect' time to start something. There is only now. And, if you leave starting whatever it is you want to pursue, simply because conditions aren't perfect, you will never achieve what it is you want. There is no perfect time. Sometimes, you have to grab life by the proverbial balls and get started. This post will teach you how to get started in swinging and why waiting for the world to be completely normal again is a waste of your valuable swinging time. Getting started in the swinging lifestyle starts here and now! 

What To Know About Swinging

Swinging isn't strictly for couples. Single people can swing too, and regardless of your gender, sexuality, or sexual desires, there are swingers out there looking for people just like you. All you have to do is know where to look. But, before we get onto that, it would be best if you considered what it is you want to get out of swinging. If you are in a relationship, then I suggest you head over to how to have the I want to get started in swinging conversation or how to start swinging posts and check them out as this will give you some great advice for talking to your partner about swinging.

If you are a single person then don't worry, I have an article for you too.

If you have fears and concerns, my top tips will teach you how to overcome them and enjoy swinging. You will learn how to explore your feelings with your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. 

So, go check them out, and then continue reading this post. And, if you still need advice, then drop me a line using the contact page, and I'll see what I can do to help. 

Get Comfortable With Your Body 

Sometimes talking about swinging, verbalising your desires and fantasising about what you would like to do or experience is as far as many people get due to their lack of confidence. It's a massive step from talking about what you would like, to finding yourself naked in a club. And without proper thought and time taken to get comfortable with your body and being naked, you might never be able to make the leap from fantasy to reality.

Before you visit a club, get comfortable with your body. After all, having sex surrounded by others or seeing other naked adults is quite peculiar at first. Sure, we know what sex looks like on porn, but come on, that's not really what it's like.


Think about the conditions we create to have sex. We shut our bedroom doors, we turn the lights off, or down low, and sometimes we get under the duvet. In no way this is going to help you when you do visit a swingers club! Get used to seeing what you look like having sex, whether that's solo acts of masturbation or as a couple.

Use a large mirror or phone to record a video and get familiar with seeing your body. How it responds to touch, how you look in different angles. I recently saw a video of myself and exclaimed 'oh my god! Does my ass always look like that from the back?' 

The leap between having sex under the sheets to having sex in a swingers club is huge, so do your homework now! 

Learn what looks and feels good on your body. Take this time to try out different looks and outfits, so when you do hit the swinger clubs your dressed to impress and feeling confident. 

Sign Up To A Swingers Site

Getting used to chatting with other people in the lifestyle is important. Can you imagine turning up at a club having never spoken to a swinger before in your life? No. Neither can I! But many people seem to think this is ok. It's not. You need to get familiar with the swinging scene before you dive in! Spend this time making a profile on a swingers site and reading through other people's profiles.

How To Start In The Swinging Lifestyle NOW

You can't expect people to meet up and play, but what you can do is chat to them, find out what they like, discover what you want and get comfortable talking to swingers. There are so many different types of swingers out there that you will soon get a feel for who it is you would like to play with. 

Go On A Swingers Date

Having a vanilla date allows you to all discuss your rules, boundaries and desires. Over a video call, you will be able to see whether your potential swing partners are genuine or not. If you are unable to meet right now you can still have online dates or meetings. I know it's not the same, and I know it's challenging to build up a rapport on video, but if you were considering swinging with a couple or single person, you would still have a vanilla date first. 


You can also set up a WhatsApp or Kik chat group (I now have several on the go) and discuss your ideas about swinging as a 4 some or more some! It makes excellent swinger sense to have total transparency when chatting, and by having shared social chat groups, you can share ideas and discuss what you would like to happen when you do get to meet! 

Experience Virtual Swinging 

It can be so refreshing to hear that other couples like what you like! So get chatting and discovering!

Virtual swinging? I hear you ask! What IS that? And how can I experience it? 

My friends, virtual swinging brings thousands of sexy swingers from across the globe and connects them, virtually. It is hosted by the biggest and best, premier clubs in the UK and by swinging virtually you get a slice of the swinging action, in the comfort of your own home. 

If you have never swung before, as I'm guessing some of you haven't, don't worry, Virtual swinging will give you a sexy taste of what's to come. And If you have swung before, then it's time to bring sexy back and get meeting some new friends at a virtual event. 

Through virtual swinging, you can chat and connect with couples and single's, in group rooms and in private. You can find real, genuine swingers to engage with and enjoy having flirty adult fun. 

Virtual swinging gives you a great introduction to the lifestyle. 

After all, you never know who you might meet! 

To get a slice of the action, and start your swinger journey click here to join VirtualSwingin!

If You Are Already Experienced Swingers

Chances are you are already on a swingers site or have visited a club before; this means that you are already heading in the right direction. I find that with swinging, I'm always learning new things and understanding different dynamics in relationships, it can be so refreshing to hear that other couples like what you like! So get chatting and discovering! Watch them on the virtual swinging cameras and get feeling sexy!  

How To Start In The Swinging Lifestyle NOW- In Conclusion

I believe that if you want to fully engage in the swinger lifestyle and be a successful, smart swinger, you need to discover as much about the lifestyle as possible before you attend a party. By reading articles on swinging and watching youtube videos as well as listening to real-life swinger podcasts you will get a genuine insight into what being in the lifestyle is about and whether it is the right decision for you or not. 

The more you learn, the more you discover. And the more you discover, the more you grow. There's a lot more to swinging than simply turning up at a party and hoping for the best. Use this time to understand what the swinging lifestyle entails so when you do feel comfortable meeting others in person, you will be smart, sexy and in the know. 

When I say I shall see you there, you most definitely will!