How Can I Find Swingers In The UK?

How Can I Find Swingers In The UK?

How Can I Find Swingers In The UK

How Can I Find Swingers In The UK over the last few months, I have been doing some serious swinger exploration. I have been visiting swinger clubs up and down the country, putting them through their paces TKG style. I have also spoken to many different people about the lifestyle to bring you up to date, relevant information. From first time couples to older experienced swingers to single guys, I love hearing what you have to say on all things swinger club.

I have been chatting to swinger club owners, swinger dating site owners, event organisers, and real-life swingers to bring you all of my best insights and knowledge on finding swingers in the UK. Some swingers swear by using online dating sites, others simply head to the clubs, and others join online communities. This article is going to give you the best, tried and tested methods for finding swingers in the UK.

How To Find Swingers In The UK

Now, I know I have extensive content on how to find swingers and what sites to use, but this article will give you up-to-date information on sites, clubs, and communities.
Post lockdown has caused an explosion in the swinger scene, and with the added increase in social media content creators and influencers like myself, there are now lots of places to find swingers in the UK.

Is Swinging Popular In The UK?

One thing that has stood for me over the last few months is that tickets for swinger clubs and events have been selling out.

There has been a post lockdown swinging explosion here in the UK. Swinger clubs are busier than ever before and for people like me who write about swinging and Ethical Non-Monogamy, I have seen an increase in documentaries, newspaper articles and information about the swinger scene in the media.
It appears that post lockdown swinging is a thing. It may surprise you to know that approximately 1. 5 million Brits enjoy threesomes, wife swapping or group sex, and, according to The Sun newspaper, 1 in 20 couples now have a more fluid approach to their monogamous relationships. (scroll to the bottom of the link here to read the piece the Sun did on me!)

How Can I Find Swingers In The UK?

I believe the swinger explosion is partly due to the fact that dating apps are now part of popular culture. Literally, anything you want (including swinger couples) can be found online and are only a few swipes away. An increase in dating apps, and the fact that we now have a lot more people normalising Ethical Non-Monogamy and open relationships through social media and dedicated websites, means that it can only become more mainstream. Yay!

How Many Couples Swing In The UK?

Ok, so I haven't conducted a poll. However, I do have a dedicated article on how common is swinging?

However, as I previously mentioned, it is on the rise.
One thing that has stood for me over the last few months is that tickets for swinger clubs and events have been selling out. Fast. Whereas pre-pandemic, tickets were still available for you to purchase a few hours before the event. Now, post-pandemic, many events sell out really quickly.
Is this down to a rise in swinger couples? Probably. Is it also due to the fact that clubs are limiting their capacity? Maybe. Is it because we as humans are looking for new ways to explore our sexuality and express our sexual desires? Absolutely!

Dating Sites For Swingers In The UK

There are a number of swinger dating sites that are very popular in the UK. One of these, Fab, is so popular that some club owners ask for you to be a member on there so they can see that you are a verified swinger before you are granted membership to their club.

Fab swingers is a great platform for familiarizing yourself with the swinger lifestyle and it has the huge UK following. I recently did a workshop on how to find swingers, where I spoke extensively about fab swingers and why people love it so much. Click here to get your hands on the workshop.

Another swinger dating site that is very popular is Although it is a worldwide platform, the first swingers I met I found on SDC.
With both sites, you can search by location and postcode and within xx miles radius of wherever you are.
There are also local party listings and, on sdc, adverts for swinger clubs.

Online Communities For Swingers

When I first started swinging, social media consisted of Facebook and Twitter… and that was about it. I didn't even think to search for swingers on social media because 'groups' on Facebook wasn't really a thing.
Let's fast forward a decade. Not only am I now an influencer on Social Media, but also, I now have my own online community run for swingers, by swingers.

I'm not the only Ethical Non-Monogamy expert out there either on social media. Experts, advocates of the lifestyle, and swinger club owners are all using social media to reach out to their customers. If you want to search for #swingersuk or #swingingclubsuk and discover UK swingers, then social media is a great place to start. You can now buy tickets to swinger events via Instagram and talk to party hosts directly. 

How To Find Swinger Clubs UK

I recently launched a channel over on my Discord dedicated to sharing swinger club information that is relevant, recent and from the perspective of both single people and couples.

Now, there are several ways that you can find swinger clubs in the UK. But if you want to find them quickly and efficiently and don't want to waste your time on a club that perhaps isn't right for you, or perhaps you aren't sure where to begin your search, then listen up.
An excellent way to find clubs is by reading recent, relevant reviews of them; how do you know if a review is recent? Have a look at the date posted! A review of a club from 2016 might be insightful, but we have been through a lot in the UK since then, and chances are the club itself has changed dramatically.

How Can I Find Swingers In The UK?

Alternatively, you could look on SDC for clubs listings or look at what clubs are listed on
Over on my Discord, I recently launched a channel dedicated to sharing swinger club information that is relevant, recent and from the perspective of both single people and couples.

Ok, so of course you can ask big daddy google, and he does yield results, but whether those clubs are suitable for what you are looking for, and whether they are any good well, Google is good, but he doesn't know what type of people you would like to meet and how you would like to play. Mind you, saying that give it a few years, and they probably will!

So, first, instead of simply choosing a club and going for it, check out some reviews.
People like me review swinger clubs for a living, so it's safe to say that I kind of know what I'm talking about. Check out either 'my experiences' or 'swinging in the UK' to read about clubs I have been to.

There are, of course, more specialised clubs, especially if you are either a) a lesbian or bisexual female and looking to only play with women, or b) interested in female-led parties or c) wanting a swinger/ kink/ BDSM cross over event.

For the female focussed parties, you may want to check out Killing Kittens or Skirt Club and for the fetish/ swinging cross over events try Crossbreed or Torture Garden.

Most UK clubs do host specialised nights for Bi swingers, Kink Swingers, people who enjoy group sex and younger swingers events.

The way a club presents itself online is a good indication of 1) how popular it is and 2) how extensive the events they offer are.

Do they have a website and a strong presence on social media?

Do they have plenty of helpful information about finding the club and details on how to become a member? Do they have contact details and are they responsive? If a club ticks yes to all these, then chances are they know exactly what they are doing.

How To Find Private Swinger Parties In The UK

If going to a club isn't your scene, and let's face it, not everyone enjoys being in that environment; then it may be worth you checking out listings for private swinger parties. Smaller meets or private house parties are often advertised on sites such as Fab Swingers or Swingtowns. These can either be at someones actual house (usually the event organiser) or at a hired apartment. If a hired apartment is being used, then it is usual for all the swingers in attendance to pay towards the hire of the apartment. This could be £50 for each couple, which isn't very much when you look at it, compared to the cost of a swinger club membership.

Often, private parties are organised by an experienced swinger couple who know other couples, and they might then invite other swinger couples, so it's pretty safe to say that you will usually meet other genuine swingers. Some profiles on swinger sites are simply party adverts where a couple will make a profile to advertise their private party.