How Can I Enjoy Swinging In Lockdown?

How Can I Enjoy Swinging In Lockdown?

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How Can I Enjoy Swinging In Lockdown? Here are 5 quick ways that you can enjoy swinging in lockdown:

  • Sign up to a swingers site and make a profile.
  • join forums and get chatting to other swingers.
  • Join virtual swinger parties. 
  • Get flirty via webcam chat with other couples.
  • Write a fantasy or desires list and discuss it with your partner and new swinger friends.

This question is one that I get asked fairly frequently. And It's easy to understand why. The virus may have caused the world around us to change, but we are still driven by the desire to have sex. Unfortunately, you can't turn off the sex button! 

How Can I Enjoy Swinging In Lockdown?

We are still in the grip of the Covid pandemic, and regardless of your stance on the virus; we have to face facts.

The Swinging lifestyle has been put on hold.

I know this has been frustrating for some, and there are of course people who flout the rules! But here at, we play by the book, and having safe, covid free sex, has been the top of our priority list. 

Does covid mean you can't enjoy any swinging at the moment? No! Does it mean I'm doing my very best to bring you smart, sexy ways to continue having amazing swinger sex in Lockdown? Yes! 

Have I been researching ways to spice up my sex life during these challenging and restrictive times? Yes!  

How Is Common Swinging? 

It appears that swinging is on the up. According to a report by Fox News, since covid struck in March, the dating app 3fun has reported a rise in active members in the US.

I imagine that this surge in users is because physical meeting has been made pretty impossible to orchestrate due to the social distancing regulations and of course, the obvious health risks involved. Also, as we have all found ourselves with more time on our hands. Perhaps we have been able to discuss our fantasies and desires with our partners more freely? With more time spent at home, and more time spent together, chances are we have enjoyed watching porn, researching online and reading swinging related content?

Online dating is all the rage now, and since it's pretty much the only dating people have been able to do, (especially at the beginning of the Lockdown) I'm not at all surprised by the increasing number of subscribers! 

It's not just in the US that swinging has made its way into the headlines. Whilst conducting my research, I came across several articles from newspaper's here in the UK detailing huge numbers of swinger events that had been either cancelled or 'toned down' due to the restrictions.

If you're new to the lifestyle, then a video call or date is an excellent introduction

The facts speak for themselves; a large swingers event in the north of England sold out. Even though social distancing guidelines were brought into play, couples still wanted to attend and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded couples, even though they were unable to mix. I was lucky enough to attend a party held by the Le Boudoir club in London, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of covid checks and precautions that were introduced to make the night as safe as possible.  

Starting Swinging In Lockdown 

What if you have just started on your swinging journey? Are you still going to be able to enjoy the lifestyle? I receive numerous messages and questions from people asking me if they can still swing. Here are my top tips for enjoying swinging in Lockdown

  • Educate yourselves! I know that I'm a bit of a geek, so I don't need any encouragement to open a book, but I honestly can't stress to you how important it is to do your research first before you start swinging. There's more to swinging than simply having sex with another persons husband or wife. Discover the importance of reconnecting after swinging, read real-life accounts of swingers personal experiences, join online community groups and find out what kind of non-monogamy interests you. There are some great and very open and honest Youtube channels to watch, and some swinger couples have podcasts too! 
  • Are you tired of the same old sex toys? Perhaps it's time to spice things up a bit? Ever fancied pegging or using a double-ended dildo? There are some fantastic sex toys out there, and although it's not the same as having multiple partners, it can give you an idea of what it may be like, especially if you are keen on experiencing double penetration. The world of online sex shops is rapidly evolving. Every day I see more and more adult retailers advertising their products and promoting their goods. If you're able to visit a sex shop, (covid permitting) chances are they won't be so busy, so if you're a little nervous, there might not be loads of people around. (I live in central London, and Soho on a Saturday is extremely busy indeed!) 

Write a fantasy or desires list and see how many you can cross off!

  • Create a profile on a swingers dating site. I don't mean download an app and hope for the best, I mean spend time writing it out, looking at other couple's profile's and putting some serious thought into it! Trust me when I say this, The more you reveal about yourselves, the better chances you stand of meeting like-minded people. I don't mean revealing your names and bra size either, what I'm referring to is your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. What turns you off and on? What kind of swingers are you hoping to meet, and what are the rules that you play by? There are paid sites and ones that you can sign up for free, If your swinger newbies, then I suggest trying out Fab Swingers, it's pretty straightforward to use, and free so if you decide it's not for you, or you are not ready, then you won't have to still pay for a membership your not using. 
  • You can still have swinger dates; you just have to get creative. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that we live in an age of video calling and zoom! Why not use these methods to chat with other swingers. You can still get ready for your date as you would usually, relax, dress up in something sexy and then who knows what might happen? You might find yourselves enjoying watching other couples have sex, or maybe it will be a turn on to know that other people can watch you? Or perhaps you will discuss what you like and dislike and all get to know one another? The great thing about a video call is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. If you're not feeling it, you don't have to make awkward excuses; you can simply call time on it! If you're new to the lifestyle, then a video call or date is an excellent introduction. 

How Can I Enjoy Swinging In Lockdown?

  • Write a fantasy or desires list and see how many you can cross off! I'm sure as you are reading blogs, joining swinger sites and discovering more about what makes you tick, you will start to form your own ideas about what makes sex great. Write those ideas down and get a sexy list going. Whether it's planning to visit a swingers club you have seen advertised online (when they reopen), or learning more about particular kinks and fetishes, get a paper and pen and get scribbling. 
  • If you are struggling to talk to your partner about what it is you would like to experience, try this. Without telling one another what you are writing, you each write down ten fantasies, desires or intimacies, you want to share on a piece of paper. Fold them up and place them into a jar. At random, you pick out a piece of paper and read it together. There's no way of telling who's ideas are going to be chosen, so it really does spark some exciting conversation. It doesn't have to be sexually explicit either. It could be that you want to experience a bath with your partner? Or perhaps you want to try a particular type of role play. Whatever it is, share your ideas together! 
  • Visit a virtual Swingers Club! Some of the clubs have gotten extremely creative with new styles of playing and are now hosting virtual swinger parties where you can join in the action from the comfort of your own home and get a slice of different swinger clubs from across Europe. If you are curious about swinging then why not try one out.